“Cometbus has changed the way fanzines are written, and has become, it's safe to say, one of the most important contributions to the history of punk.“
(Mike Millett, Maximum Rock'n Roll)
“Das Vorbild eines ganzen Genres”
(Le Monde diplomatique)
“Critics, Authors, and well-read kaffeeklatschers spend a lot of time arguing over which writer best defines the 'soul' of the Bay Area. (Who was our last soul-definer – Joan Didion? Wallace Stegner? Lawrence Ferlinghetti? Ambrose Bierce?) Few have made the case for themselves as rigorously as Cometbus.”
(SF Weekly)

“Nah dran am einstigen Geist der Beatgeneration. Eine unglaubliche Menge an Authentizität, süffiger Romantik und Liebenswürdigkeit.”
Aus dem Amerikanischen übersetzt
von Jörn Morisse
Cover-Artwork: (c) Fly 2004

144 Seiten, ISBN-Nr: 3-932902-44-0
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